• starting at $25

Sub Badges

  • starting at $30 per unique design

  • Save and get a pack of 6 for $140


  • Avatar/Profile Picture - $50

  • Full Body Character (cell-shaded) - $80

  • Character Drawing (realistic/digital painting style) - starting at $100 for one character with a simple BG. Additional fees depend on the number of additional characters and level of detail for BG design.


  • sub alerts, video openers, cheermotes, etc.

  • All animated projects are priced based on level of animation, detail, and total length. Base pricing starts at $100.


  • I retain the rights to use the artwork to submit online or to include in my own gallery.


  • The artwork is for your personal use only, so please do not redistribute my artwork without credit, claim as your own or use it for commercial purposes, unless discussed otherwise. I am open to discussing the creation of merch and outlining terms of payment.


  • Payment must be received before work begins.





  • Once we agree on a design, I will give you an invoice through Paypal. You will be responsible for any paypal fees, which will be calculated and listed on the invoice.

  • When the payment goes through, I'll begin working! You will be shown progress throughout to make sure the design is coming along the way you envision it. Small adjustments are fine, any rework after the initial agreed upon design will require discussing an additional fee.

  • Upon completion, you will receive your file(s) via email or Google drive link.